LaW 2 Oz bike ride in memory of David Cain-Leeks

Two childhood friends from Malvern are crossing half the world in memory of their friend who died of testicular cancer. Will Downs and Lawrence Embleton are currently making their epic journey from Dundee to their destination of Australia to raise funds and awareness on behalf of WGCAF.

The duo are carrying out the feat to commemorate David Cain-Leeks, who died on 3 May 2016, leaving his wife Sarah and son Morgan.

You can follow Will and Lawrence’s progress on their Facebook page LaW 2 Oz


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  1. Wendy December 17, 2016 at 1:57 pm - Reply

    Will has now arrived in Australia and Lawrence is back in the UK awaiting the arrival of their bikes. Thank you both SO much for entertaining us with your escapades on the trip and also for raising awareness and funds for WGCAF charity. total is approx £1500 !!! Fantastic Will and Los 🙂

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